7 signs of poor blood circulation

In many cases, extreme fatigue can be caused by weakened immunity or extreme physical activity, but blood circulation cannot be ruled out.

Poor blood circulation affects many people. By the age of 60, 80% of the population lives with problems related to blood circulation.

Our body is very complex, but it has a complete network of highways and roads, including veins and arteries.

Through this network, more than 5L of blood circulates throughout the body.

Blood carries nutrients and hormones necessary for the proper functioning of our body and life.

That is why we need to change some habits. Poor blood circulation is not just a problem related to old age.

No matter how old or how old, wouldn’t it be necessary to keep an eye on the blood circulation to prevent accidents?

Inefficient blood flow can cause heart attacks, blood clots, varicose veins, and strokes.

We need to improve our lifestyle, and above all, it is important to know what the symptoms are related to blood circulation. Below are seven symptoms you should remember.


1. a spot on the skin

Doctors say the symptoms may be visible, or there may be little or no symptoms at all. The spots on the skin, the color change of the skin, and the dryness of the epidermis are signs that the blood is not flowing properly.

The first symptom related to blood circulation is red or purple spots on the feet and calves.

At first, small purple spots appear irregularly, which later develop into ulcers.


2. Foot edema

Let’s think about this. When blood circulation is poor, our limbs become the last place to receive oxygen and nutrients.

You may also see bruises on your toes as you bumped into something.


3. Hair loss and brittle nails

Hair loss and brittle nails can be symptoms of poor eating habits or stress.

It can also be the result of overwork for many people, but sometimes it has a different meaning. They are not getting the proper nutrients from the bloodstream.

4. Slow Digestion

A very slow and heavy digestive process, especially if it is accompanied by intestinal gas, acid reflux, or constipation, can be a symptom of poor blood circulation.


5. Colds, infections, viruses

This is certainly interesting information to keep in mind. A weakened immune system means poor blood flow.

When blood flow slows, our body cannot find and fight pathogens as usual.

cold, infection, virus


6. Cold hands and feet

This is actually a very common symptom. When blood flow is at a normal rate, body temperature is optimally controlled.


7. Chronic Fatigue

When blood circulation is slow, several problems occur. One of the most obvious and immediate symptoms is fatigue.

It could be due to overwork, stress, or other diseases. However, poor blood circulation is related to the lack of a smooth energy supply to the muscles.

Without oxygen and nutrients, our muscles tire completely. Pain, fatigue, and discomfort accompany work, climbing stairs, or moderate exercise.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, don’t wait. Visit the hospital and know exactly what instructions I need to follow. Quiet Few Takes Thousands of Lives.

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