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With the principle of enhancing and improving blood circulation, it is recommended for both men and women of all ages

Elixir of Immortality

The mysterious mushroom “Cordyceps”, which means insects in winter and grass in summer, is counted as one of the three best medicines along with deer antler and ginseng. It is said that King took it every day for vitality and for immortality. And it is also famous for maintaining beauty and youth for a long time.

Cordyceps contains a large amount of cordycepin, a vasodilator, which is a natural antibiotic(anti-cancer) and has the ability to increase immunity. In addition, it contains various physiologically active substances such as beta D-glucan, a type of dietary fiber, ergosterol, which prevents cancer growth, D-mannitol, which functions as a diuretic, and calcium antagonist, and chitin and chitosan that lowers blood cholesterol levels.

6 Key Active Ingredients of Cordyceps

Active ingredients and functions of Cordyceps Militaris



Natural Antibiotic
Immune Booster


Cordycepin Polysaccharide

Contains Cordyceps polysaccharides
Immunity Enhancement and Cancer Suppression



Help with Cerebral Thrombosis Symptoms


Amino Acid

Contains a Total of 17 Amino Acids including 8 Essential Amino Acids



Prevention of Aging, Adult Diseases, and Cancer caused by Free Radicals (Highly Reactive and Short-Lived Molecules)



Vitamin A and 4 other Types

Efficacy of Cordyceps

Cordyceps is receiving attention for its efficacy because it is rich in nutrients such as Cordycepin, a rich anti-cancer component, Beta D-glucan, D-mannitol, Melatonin, Chitin, and Chitosan.


Help Boost Immunity

When foreign substances such as viruses enter the body, the immune function works. Foreign substances entering the body are judged by macrophages, which are white blood cells, whether they are beneficial or harmful.

After that, macrophages take control of the body’s immune function and tell helper T cells that a foreign substance has entered. Upon receiving the signal, helper T cells give orders to killer T cells to destroy virus-infected cells or NK (Natural Killer) cells to destroy tumor cells in order to remove foreign substances.

In addition, helper T cells deliver the invasion of foreign substances to B cells, a type of lymphocytes. B cells make special proteins (antibodies) to trap foreign substances. The immune function to prevent foreign substances from entering the body works by these three types of cells.

Among the effects of Cordyceps, beta D-glucan and polysaccharides are combined to have the effect of activating immune function.


Helps Anti-Aging

Enzyme action in the body is important to prevent aging. Enzymes are divided into digestive enzymes that break down food, which are catalysts for various chemical reactions in the body, and metabolic enzymes that produce energy.

There is a system for making enzymes in the human body, but the production of enzymes is set in advance, and if you use up the enzymes, you will not be able to create new ones.

There are several theories as to the cause of aging, but there is also the theory that it is caused by a lack of enzymes in the body. Therefore, you can supplement the enzyme by supplying nutrients necessary to make the enzyme from the outside or by eating food that contains the enzyme.

Cordyceps is rich in amino acids necessary for the production of enzymes. In addition, the effect of cordyceps that activates the whole body can be expected, and it has the function of activating the production of enzymes.

By consuming Cordyceps, amino acids which are ingredients for enzymes can be filled and produced, which can help prevent aging.


Helps Prevent Lifestyle-Related Diseases

Free radicals generated in the body combine with fat in the blood and cause arteriosclerosis. Free radicals that are not combined with fat in the blood damage genes in cells and cause various diseases such as cancer and lifestyle-related diseases.

Enzymes that remove free radicals exist in the human body, and the ability to produce these enzymes weakens with age. Cordyceps contains zinc, which has the action of helping the enzyme that removes free radicals, as well as other minerals and vitamins.

In addition, melatonin contained in cordyceps has the action of removing free radicals. Due to the synergistic effect of these ingredients, Cordyceps has an antioxidant action, and its efficacy in preventing adult diseases such as arteriosclerosis is getting more attention.

In addition, cordyceps have excellent blood pressure control effects. The blood pressure control effect means lowering high blood pressure and raising blood pressure that is too low.

In addition, it has been reported that it suppresses the rise in blood sugar level, so it is expected to help prevent and improve the effects of adult diseases such as diabetes prevention and hypertension prevention.


Helps Kidney Function

Cordyceps has been reported to have the effect of preventing kidney fibrosis, inhibiting kidney inflammation, and is expected to have protective effects such as preventing kidney failure.


Helps Prevent and Suppress Cancer

Beta D-glucan contained in Cordyceps has been proven to have an anti-tumor effect through animal experiments. Cordyceps contains high levels of melatonin, which is not found in other mushrooms. Melatonin has a very strong antioxidant power and has the ability to keep cells in a healthy state, so you can expect cancer-fighting effects as well.

Cordyceps has also been reported to relieve gene and DNA damage caused by UV rays, so it is expected to have a protective effect on the skin, such as preventing skin cancer.


Helps Prevent Osteoporosis

Calcium is not only a material for bones but is involved in various physiological processes in the blood. When there is not enough calcium in the blood, calcium dissolves in the bones, maintaining a constant blood calcium level.

Cordyceps also contains calcium and is rich in other minerals that work in concert with calcium, so it is considered to be beneficial to overall health through synergistic effects.


Helps Relieve Stress

The melatonin contained in Cordyceps helps to normalize the body’s clock to induce natural sleep. Melatonin is a hormone secreted by the brain that leads to natural sleep, but when the lifestyle is broken with age, it cannot be secreted normally or its secretion decreases.

By supplementing with melatonin, your body clock works normally, and you can get quality sleep, which helps reduce stress.

In addition, it has been reported that it acts on the adrenaline and dopaminergic nerves, which are the brain neurotransmitters, and exhibits antidepressant effects.


Not all Cordyceps are equal in quality

Not all Cordyceps are the same quality

Did you know?
Many of the Cordyceps Militaris sold in the market are fakes that cordyceps grew by inoculating them on a medium such as brown rice and barley!!
They are not Cordyceps Militaris and the amount of cordycepin contained in them is only one-twentieth that of Cordyceps Militaris

(Korea Institute of Science and Technology tested) Cordyceps Militaris VS Rice-grown Cordyceps

Cordyceps Militaris we grow has the highest level of Cordycepin!

World Class!
Check out the exceptionally high Corycepin content

Cordyceps Militaris contains
an average of 9,500 ppm of Cordycepin

10% of total product content
(International trade price of Cordycepin
extracted from Cordyceps: $120/10mg)
* Prices as of June 2021

Cordyceps Cultivation

Cordyceps Militaris

The hyphae of Cordyceps Militaris mycelium have the highest content of cordycepin, and among them, Korean crickets, which are rich in protein, were used to maximize the content of cordycepin.

Cordyceps Militaris Cultivation Process

Cordyceps Militaris Cultivation Process Cordyceps has grown directly In-House!
Trust and Consume the Highest-Contents of Cordycepin

Cordyceps Militaris Cultivation Process

Cordyceps is cultivated in a clean and sanitized environment
with the highest importance on hygiene.