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I'm in my late 70s. I suffered from diabetes and prostate health problems for a long time. At night, I woke up every hour to urinate, so I couldn't sleep well. Even taking the prostate medicine prescribed by the doctor did not make any difference.

Then, after listening to a radio commercial, I bought 1 box and took it, and the interval between waking up at night has now increased to 3 hours after 3 pills, so it is so good that I can sleep. It's so cool that my urine streams got stronger.

I bought the second box and now my goal is to get a good night's sleep without waking up.


@Brooklyn, NY

I couldn't play the role of a man in bed. I got acupuncture at the oriental clinic, tried herbal medicines, and even took red ginseng extract as well as Gongjindan, and its expensive premium Gongjindan didn’t have any effect.

Even if I tried the pills recommended by my friends, my face became blush and my head hurt.

However, after taking a few pills of Cordyceps Life booster, I experienced the phenomenon, and I suffered pain in my limbs for a few days, but it was worth it. The pain in my limbs has disappeared, and now I am performing really well in bed.

I highly recommend it to everyone.


@Flushing, NY

Whether it was due to weak energy or something, even after taking Viagra had no effects. However, after taking 1 pill of Cordyceps Life Booster instantly solved it. The next day after taking the first pill, I was really surprised at how much I had changed. It's really amazing.


@Rego Park, NY

I am a housewife in my 60s.

I use Cordyceps Life booster and it is so interesting that I want to let many people know.

After taking Cordyceps Life Booster made with this cordyceps as raw material, aching joint pain and swelling in the palms are fading away. So I bought it and continued to take it, and the strange thing is that my taste buds came back, but my stomach went in a little and I also lost weight.
Thank you Cordyceps Life Booster


@Flushing, NY

After taking the Cordyceps Life booster, I did not feel an immediate change in my body. But the next morning, as I lay down at dawn, I felt something heavy, and when I woke up, my manhood was just as hard as when I was young. I feel like I'm getting younger again, so life is so much fun.


@Little Neck, NY

It's been a while since I took Viagra or Cialis and I didn't get an erection. When I tried it, only my head hurt and my face was throbbing enough to feel blood pressure. However, after taking Cordyceps Life Booster, I was surprised that I was suddenly stimulated and got hard while taking a shower in the morning.

I have a swollen prostate, so I decided to take 3 pills as a test. It's Good.


@Bayside, NY

I am a nail shop worker. The only thing I have gained from working for decades is shoulder pain and aching and numbness in my fingers. After taking the Cordyceps Life Booster to test and experiencing body aches due to myopia, my hands and feet became warm, the pain in my fingers disappeared, and the pain in my shoulder was relieved after experiencing the phenomenon. It's really amazing. Now, I have bought 1 box and am taking it, and I am starting to feel that my condition is improving.


@Forest Hill, NY

He is a man in his 70s. I had to urinate 3-4 times a night due to a prostate problem. After taking 3 pills of Cordyceps Life booster, my feet got warm and I urinate only once at night, but I can see it very cool. And I feel hardness every morning. I'm stopped taking Cordyceps Life booster while receiving the vaccination, but the effect is still there.


@Flushing, NY

After receiving a hair transplant, I became disabled while taking the prescribed medication for hair. I tried a few different methods, but it was all in vain, and my wife wept and lamented that she could not have children at a young age. I thought it was the wild shot, but I started taking Cordyceps Life Booster and after taking the 3rd pill, I felt my penis get thicker and stronger. And then it started to react. I'm taking 1 box now and it's back to normal as before. Now I have a plan for kids and I am happy every day.


@Hicksville, NY

I was diagnosed with cancer and thought I was going to die. I thought that it was all over... I was treated hard for chemotherapy, and it was as if I had won the whole world. But now, after six years, I was living as a disabled man. The urologist said there was no way to fix it. The oriental doctor also tried acupuncture and oriental medicine, but there was no progress. It was so embarrassing that it was difficult to talk to people. I also thought of death might be better off. I gave up and lived, but at the recommendation of a very close acquaintance, I received 3 pills of Cordyceps Life booster and tried taking it. With a longing heart... But a miracle has happened, a real miracle. I couldn't believe it worked. How can it be so easy... I highly recommend it to people with the same problem as me.


@Douglaston, NY

About 20 minutes after taking the first pill, my feet started to feel warm. I usually slept in double blankets in winter, but after that, I asleep under 1 blanket. I had to go to the bathroom every night, but now I sleep through the whole night without waking up. I go to the bathroom when I wake up in the morning. With long-term use, many things change in the body. My legs got stronger, my knee pain decreased, my soles became thicker, my butt also began to get fluffy, my skin tone improved and my stools became softer.


@Flushing, NY

I have been taking Cordyceps Life Booster, and my hands and feet are warm and I have no symptoms of frequent urination. It was so interesting and effective that I decided to write a review to share it with everyone.


@Flushing, NY

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