Vascular disease to suspect when the leg hurts

Vascular disease to be suspected when the leg hurts – Professor Park Sang-woo, head of the limb vascular center at Konkuk University Hospital Cordyceps, a natural anticancer agent, contained in the Cordyceps Life Booster, widens blood vessels, removes blood clots and cholesterol, and improves blood circulation.

Signs of poor blood circulation

The sign of poor blood circulation in your body? As you age, your blood circulation becomes more difficult, and your body sends out various signals. You need to know this and deal with it.

Blood sugar and cholesterol-lowering effect of Cordyceps

In 1996, when a polysaccharide isolated from the Cordyceps mycelium was intraperitoneally injected, a research team led by Professor Ukai of the Jipu University of Pharmacy in Japan and Professor Hui of the China University of Pharmacy in China showed hypoglycemic activity in diabetic mice and a rapid decrease in glucose concentration in normal mice. […]

Effect of Cordyceps Kidney and Liver

Dr. Hou and others from the Immunology Department of Shandong Academy of Medical Sciences in China had 28 patients with chronic renal insufficiency take 3-5 g of Cordyceps extract twice daily for 30 minutes with boiling water, and provided high-quality, low-protein food for meals. The dynamics were observed for 10-12 months, and the concentrations of […]

Causes of waking up to urinate

Even while you sleep, blood flow to the kidneys (kidneys) increases and urine is produced. Because of this, I feel like I want to go to the bathroom after waking up because I have trouble sleeping or the person next to me is snoring badly. It’s hard to see beyond the bladder. However, if you […]

7 signs of poor blood circulation

In many cases, extreme fatigue can be caused by weakened immunity or extreme physical activity, but blood circulation cannot be ruled out. Poor blood circulation affects many people. By the age of 60, 80% of the population lives with problems related to blood circulation. Our body is very complex, but it has a complete network […]