Antibacterial and antitumor activity of Cordyceps

After the Cordyceps mycelium grows in the insect body and sclerotia are formed, the insect remains dead, but decay does not occur well if the environment is not favorable for fruiting body formation even after the insect is dead. In addition, Cordyceps forms fruiting bodies in moist soil and exist without decay even though there […]

Effect of Cordyceps Kidney and Liver

Dr. Hou and others from the Immunology Department of Shandong Academy of Medical Sciences in China had 28 patients with chronic renal insufficiency take 3-5 g of Cordyceps extract twice daily for 30 minutes with boiling water, and provided high-quality, low-protein food for meals. The dynamics were observed for 10-12 months, and the concentrations of […]

7 signs of poor blood circulation

In many cases, extreme fatigue can be caused by weakened immunity or extreme physical activity, but blood circulation cannot be ruled out. Poor blood circulation affects many people. By the age of 60, 80% of the population lives with problems related to blood circulation. Our body is very complex, but it has a complete network […]